Meet Our Doctors


Growing up surrounded by pets all his life, Dr. Rich Johnson has found a passion for helping animals. Ultimately, he was inspired by another veterinarian to pursue veterinary medicine at the University of California, Davis: College of Veterinary Medicine, where he graduated with Honors. As the proud practice owner of Country Oaks Pet Hospital, Dr. Johnson embraces and implements a gentle Fear Free approach to every visit. He positively addresses the emotional wellbeing of all patients and their caregivers by reducing fear, anxiety, and stress by bringing treats and toys tailored to each visit. In addition to Fear Free techniques, Dr. Johnson appreciates the problem-solving challenges of veterinary medicine. He believes the most interesting parts of this field are internal medicine and ultrasonography.

Outside Country Oaks, Dr. Johnson enjoys playing competitive bocce ball, fly-fishing, playing the guitar and ukulele, and traveling whenever possible. He is also a huge fan of professional and college sports. He and his wife live in a home filled with global Indigenous and Native American art, along with their four happy, entertaining dogs: Bubba, Earl, Ethel, and Vern. In addition, Jake, the rambunctious and loved chihuahua “helps out” at the hospital seven days a week and returns home for the holidays!


As both an animal lover and a massive science nerd, Dr Katie Chiu gravitated naturally to veterinary medicine. She earned her BS in Animal Science and DVM from UC Davis. She is particularly interested in soft tissue surgery and Fear Free practices. She is a champion of the Fear Free approach, valuing the tremendous benefits. For example, pioneering the use of an implanted glucose monitor for her canine diabetic patients gives her valuable insight and more accurate results for insulin therapy, while allowing the pet to remain at home for the weeklong testing period.

A native Californian, she was born and grew up in Palo Alto before moving inland. She enjoys cooking and baking, occasionally making themed cakes: most recently a dog with bones and another with M&Ms. She also like to hike wherever there’s a trail and is currently making a mental list of places to explore in the greater Sacramento area. Adding to her joy-filled list: a succulent garden in tiny, adorable dog-shaped pots!


Dr. Cole’s desire to become a doctor was voiced to her mom when she was only 5 years old. As a teenager, she witnessed her grandfather’s dedication and devotion to his OBGYN patients. This was a huge inspiration, leading her to spend her high school years planning a pre-med focus at the University of California, San Diego. From rescuing feral cats at the local vineyards and raising their kittens during her childhood in Napa, she followed a path into veterinary medicine at University of California, Davis. Being a proud alumnus, Northern California native, and a Fear Free advocate motivated her to join the Country Oaks Pet Hospital team.

Becoming a veterinarian has allowed her to combine and fulfill her truest motivators: the love for animals, passion for helping others and a keen interest in medicine.

As your veterinarian, Dr. Cole’s wish is to establish a warm and trusted connection with you and your pet. Serving with integrity, compassion and empathy while providing the best healthcare based on the individual needs of each patient is her personal mission. Collaborating with clients, associates and colleagues, she also hopes to present herself as a positive role model as a woman in science in our community.

She shares her home with Jake, the most wonderful orange tabby cat and Eleanor, a sassy Siamese mix breed cat. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, eating good food and spending time with friends, family and her felines.


Dr. Imig first became interested in veterinary medicine when she was four years old after finding an injured frog in her backyard. She took the frog to a wildlife center for treatment where she then discovered about the incredible world of veterinary medicine. She was astonished by the passionate veterinary professionals who dedicated and committed to their lives to helping animals. The more Dr. Imig learned about veterinary medicine, the more she could not imagine spending her life doing anything else. From then on, she dreamt of becoming a veterinarian and has since dedicated her life to making that dream a reality. Dr. Imig feels extremely lucky to work in this amazing profession where she can spend everyday helping people and their pets of all species. 

“I want every person and pet who walks into my exam room to feel warmly welcomed and well cared for; aiming to form a partnership with each of my clients. Together, we can make sure their pet receives the best care possible throughout their entire life. From dogs and cats to birds and reptiles, our pets are part of our family, no matter the species.”

Dr. Imig’s family consists of her husband, Nathan, an energetic and mischievous English Setter named Lexie, and a laid-back Bearded Dragon named Rhaego.