Winter Tips for Pets

Midwesterners may laugh at us, but when there’s frost on the lawn it’s pretty chilly to us Californians! That includes the four-legged variety! We may not be digging our way out of a snowpocalyse, but here are a few little tips for keeping our furry buddies safe and comfortable this season

  • Bring them in, especially at night. My friend’s Chihuahua gives her the Accuse Look if potty breaks outside are even hinted at, but some pets think it’s their Manifest Destiny to stay outdoors all day. When it’s cold (and rainy, we can hope) it’s better for their paws and their overall health to venture out only under supervision.
  • Keep antifreeze away from pets.
  • Bang on cars before starting. Cats often shelter in wheel-wells and warm engine compartments.
  • Be careful with wood stoves and heaters – don’t let cats jump on top as they could burn their paws.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water. Indoors heaters dry the air, and outside activities can still dehydrate your dog.
  • The dry heat indoors can also lead to itchy, dry skin. Bathe pets as little as possible to avoid stripping their coats of oils. Ask your vet about moisturizing shampoos.

Stay safe! Stay warm! Don’t eat yellow snow!

–Ronda, RVT

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